PUFFALO Universal Group

Create vivid, interconnected worlds within any given space.

Didier’s Puffalo Universal Group meets the ever-changing needs of today’s agile workplace, through thoughtfully designed landscapes, multifunctional configurations, and paths of use. This cohesive collection presents an imaginative range of ergonomic pieces which flex to define and elevate your interior environment. Its bespoke modular system is conceived to bring unique personality and possibility to grand commercial spaces, hospitality venues, public evironments and retail interiors.

Puffalo Universal Group comprises a complete, considered range of free-standing sofas and back-desking in multiple heights, supplemented by plush ottomans, tablet tables and a range of dividing screens in both curved and linear form. Characteristic of Didier, beyond inviting aesthetic lies rigorous utility, through beautifully executed pieces with considered purpose.

Upholstered elements provide effective acoustic management, and all components deftly integrate technology to enable seamlessly future-proofed environments. Crafted to comfortably adapt with the shifting movements of the human body, every Puffalo Universal piece is carefully custom finished to order in Melbourne.

Build your world with Puffalo Universal by Didier.

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