APPAREL Collection

Didier’s references to both Haute couture and costume design are made clear in the new Apparel seating range: the belted waistline, the sculpted torso, precision engineered patterns, leg highlights, lapel detailing and the ability for each piece to be uniquely personalised through the selection of luxurious fabrics.

As with all Didier Collections, a rich narrative emerges over many months, and with Apparel the seed was sown with an inspiration to research costume design and high-fashion construction.

From the runways of admired fashion houses, we experience the phenomena of meticulous creations that combine perfect silhouettes with breathtaking shapes.

“The essence of Haute Couture celebrates individuality and makes the wearer radiate with confidence, delight, and a sense of abundance. It's this feeling we have captured in the Apparel Collection where you are invited to take your place and become enveloped in well-earned indulgence.” - Didier

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