PUFFALO Lounging Collection

Celebrating the horizontal life, Didier’s contemporary new modular range exemplifies laid-back style with a cool bohemian chic. Like the love child of Moncler and Jaguar’s E-Type, the Puffalo just begs you to lounge. Flop down, chillout and feel yourself descending into slow motion.

Puffalo is perfect for the now grown-up slacker generation who just love to be close to the ground. It might bring back memories of lazy afternoons playing records, flicking through magazines and just doing … whatever.

“I liked the idea of having a slow and languorous feel to the range, using premium quality materials that creates the feeling of billowing cushions on the floor.” – Ross Didier

The range includes twenty individual modules to offer a high level of flexibility and individual customisation.

Each unit is made in Melbourne and skilfully crafted to the highest quality standards using locally sourced materials including FSC certified timbers with steel springs, GECA rated foams and topped with memory foam for superior longevity. Our loose cushions are offered in three complementing sizes and feather filled for the ultimate relaxed feel.

Puffalo’s elegant design allows collaboration and freedom of imagination to configure unique upholstery landscapes that become pieces of artistic expression.