OBELISK Upholstered Sofa Collection

Perfectly minimal and innovative seating design the Obelisk represents the modernist ideal of form follows function with a ‘futurist slant’.

The simplicity is evident and while Obelisk has a formality about it on the one hand, this has then been played with and some great twists added. The essentially rectangular forms that make up the body of this piece, have striking angular facets, while the whole upholstery has a pronounced tilt and is slightly elevated on broad, sturdy formed legs. The generous size, method of construction, and excellent ergonomics provide superb comfort and personal space in both the chair and sofa lengths.

Obelisk was awarded a special mention for the Young & Design at the International Milan Furniture Fair, won the Inside IDEA Awards for product and has now been specified worldwide for prestigious architectural projects and installations including the famous Denver Art Museum.