FABLE Oak Collection

Simplicity is the pinnacle of the long, arduous journey, not the beginning.

FABLE by Didier sets the scene for a modern day mythology, playfully posing the question: if the archetypal storybook huntsman found himself in present-day urban Australia, what might his home look like? A celebration of cottage craft in sophisticated forms.

The collection began with the basic utensils and furnishings necessary for a pleasantly self-sufficient life in the woods: a chair, stool, table, bowl, spoon and storage cabinet. More recent chapters in the FABLE line include high stools, armchairs, lounge chairs, an open bookshelf and mirrors.

FABLE'S inimitable character demonstrates the convergence of timber craftsmanship and skilled machinery, with warm oak expertly plied into crisp, clear lines.

Let your story unfold with the full FABLE collection here.