FABLE Oak Collection

Simplicity is the pinnacle of the long, arduous journey, not the beginning.

The FABLE collection originated with a chair, stool, table, bowl, spoon and storage cabinet; six essential elements pared back to their original character. These typical elements are represented in mythical folklore and seem to conjure belief that a woodsman has simply stepped outside and handcrafted these unique and functional objects. The simplicity of this setting defines cottage craft.

Fable is crafted from solid oak with skilled manufacturing details disguised within a simplified aesthetic and return to the original ideals. The range has now been extended to include high stools, armchairs, lounge chairs, an open bookshelf and mirrors.

“The secret is in the Fable joinery. For example, the top corner joins of each chair is curved timber and is made via special joinery which is extremely challenging to get right. I was never aiming at perfection for the Fable collection, but I was aiming to express character in this design family and clearly show the skill and individuality for each piece made.” - Ross Didier

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