Design is Shaolin kung Fu where Art is bare knuckle fist fighting. I mean artists can do whatever they want for their art and this liberation is the point of what they do. Design on the other hand has disciplines with givens, and to ignore these misses the point of designing. Good art communicates ideas and good design is useful, then the stories this creates is inspiring.” - Ross Didier

In 2000, the fusion of these two intentions inspired Ross Didier to evolve his family’s long manufacturing history and establish a creative studio, with a unique approach to design.

Didier’s versatility and maturity in design is guided by the founding principles that the products created must have character with quality, and be functional to the user and their environment. His work is underpinned by a strong philosophy that manufacturing, ideas and design are interwoven. An approach to designing he refers to as engineered art. This approach has established Ross Didier as one of Australia’s most successful and original commercial designers.

The studio's designs span commercial high volume products through to small run custom design objects for specific projects. Didier products have been procured by Nintendo, Microsoft, Westpac, Hewlett Packard, Google, Belconnen Arts Centre, Nomad restaurant and the Australian Defence Force. Didier has Elfin stools in Times Square, Tiller chairs specified throughout the world, Obelisk sofas in the Denver Art Museum, Terra Firma tables and bespoke seating at Vue de Monde and Bombala lounge chairs outside the Sydney Opera House.